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Vladimir Drkulec
05-31-2018, 10:39 AM
The Saskatchewan Chess Federation would like to submit a motion for the 2018 Spring Online Meeting:

1) Starting in 2019, every junior player from a province that hosts the CYCC is eligible to play in the CYCC provided he or she took part in a local CYCC qualification tournament for which the organizer had remitted the fees to the CFC (i.e., any child who played, regardless of the result achieved, will have the right to go to the CYCC).

Vladimir Drkulec
05-31-2018, 10:53 AM
I have split out the first portion of this motion into a separate vote. Lyle Craver is the one who knows how the voting booth is supposed to work so it is almost certain that I have made some mistep in setting this up. Attempting to split out the other sections did not work for some reason but it is probably not necessary anyway as I feel clause 2 through 4 still need some work.

Lyle Craver
06-02-2018, 09:20 AM
Vlad it looks to me that you have set up the poll correctly.

Since you haven't said, I presume the poll is to end at the same time (1800 ET Saturday) as the other one.

From a technical point of view in vBulletin the software doesn't allow you to set a time - you actually have to be at the keyboard at the appointed time to close it. As a note to my eventual successor setting up polls is technically easy - it's usually 3 options yes no and abstain and announcing the poll closure time. You also have to indicate it's a 'sticky' so members will see the poll at the top of the list. I've been prefixing all votes with "The Voting Booth" to further make it obvious to folks that "this is a thread you need to do something about".

(One thing I particularly dislike particularly at the AGM is when someone makes a motion from the floor with their motion text buried in a standard discussion thread with no bold text or message title indicating that it's something special as when that happens I only act on it when I see the thread which if there are two meetings going on and numerous threads in play doesn't happen as quickly as I'd like! In that case a private e-mail announcing a motion is the fastest way to get it discussed and will usually result in it getting transferred to a new thread for discussion)