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Lyle Craver
08-09-2015, 02:19 AM
The role of the CFC Secretary has changed through the years as the method of governance of the CFC has changed. In former times the key part of the role has been to edit the CFC Governors' Letters and to prepare the minutes of the Outgoing and Incoming Annual General Meetings, this has now been been replaced with the role of moderating the Quarterly Meetings and the AGMs. In addition it is my job to handle user security (which is primarily controlling posting and voting access to the meetings and to the Voting Members Private Areas) for the accounts of CFC Executives, Officers, and Voting Members.

It should be noted that non-Executive / VM matters including forum security generally are handled by Chris Mallon who does an excellent job on behalf of the Federation and deserves our thanks. I see some of what he does and am impressed at his dedication over several years.

Members are reminded that nearly everything posted in a Quarterly Meeting / AGM is visible to the public.

The job does involve receiving some e-mails from FIDE and other organizations but nearly all our FIDE communications are done either by the FIDE Representative or the President. The job also requires performing the per capita calculation each year as quickly as possible following April 30th and communicating the results to the Executive and Voting Members. This year this was done during the last quarterly meeting. Naturally some provincial affiliates submit their lists earlier than others and I particularly thank those who got their lists in early. This part of the job is crucial in preparing for the Incoming VM AGM.

Between meetings, my biggest challenge at the moment is unscrambling the message threads for the CFC Archive of Quarterly Meetings and AGMs. To the best of my knowledge no archived data has been lost, though the links to the CFC Archive areas have been lost and it is my job to recreate and re-locate all threads to the archived meeting the message threads belong to. This work requires attention to detail as while the date stamps on each thread are the primary information, care is needed to ensure each thread is reattached to the correct meeting. I still have considerable work to do on this project.

It would be an honor to be considered for re-election in 2015-16.

Lyle Craver, NTD, IA
Secretary, Chess Federation of Canada