View Full Version : 03. President's Opening Message

Vladimir Drkulec
01-30-2015, 09:22 PM
I would like to welcome the voting members to the first quarterly CFC meeting of the 2015 calendar year. There are a number of issues under consideration including a motion to increase the minimum number of games that members of the Olympiad teams have played from the current ten to twenty in the past year and a total of forty in the past two years. We would also like the voting members to consider the idea of forming a working relationship with an online chess server. This is the result of discussions initiated by Scott Richardson, father of Kai Richardson, who lives in a fairly remote area of British Columbia and would like to explore options for participation in tournaments through internet chess servers.

There will be some discussion of the 2015 Canadian Closed though this is once again in flux as a result of some new developments which Hal Bond will inform the voting members about.

Lloyd Lombard raised a question about the 2015 Canadian Open and whether we could discuss its timing. We can raise this or any other such topic under new business.

Bernard Labadie
02-03-2015, 02:42 PM
Hello Vlad,
Sorry I missed last fall's meeting, my Neanderthal DNA was no match for the system's CAPTSHA. Bad excuse I know. Richard Bérubé helped me through this time so I should improve.
Great opportunity to let you know that last week FQE has won its bid to hold the AIDEF Championships (www.aidef.org (http://www.aidef.org)) next July, right after the Canadian Closed. We hope to have some FIDE top brass in Mtl. Hope to see you then but let's talk before that. Cheers. Bernard Labadie

Félix Dumont
02-03-2015, 06:30 PM
Wrong link for AIDEF (it currently redirects us to the Asociación Interamericana de Defensorías Públicas).
The correct link is : http://aidef.ffechecs.org/, Association Internationale des Échecs Francophones