View Full Version : April 2021 VM Meeting

  1. 1. Agenda
  2. 2. Opening Comments of Chair
  3. 3. voting member Sign-in - sign in by voting for any of the options
  4. 4. Executive and Officer reports
  5. 5A. Discussion items
  6. 5A3 CFC-FQE agreement update
  7. 5A4 Sport Tourism Canada Online conference
  8. 5A5 National Events and Bidding
  9. 5A2 CFC Handbook
  10. 5A6 Increasing the CFC board size by adding Women's Coordinator
  11. 5A7 Adding the champion and runner-up in Canadian Women's Closed to Voting Members
  12. 5A8 The regular member to voting member ratio
  13. 5A9 New Business
  14. 5A1 Noritsyn, Itkin et al campaign to remove the CFC president
  15. 6. "THE VOTING BOOTH" Motion to Hold Special Meeting
  16. 7. Closing Comments by Chair