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Thread: Ag. Item # 17F(i) - Budget Vote Results

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    Default Ag. Item # 17F(i) - Budget Vote Results

    It has been noted in another thread that the 2010-11 Budget vote results are NOT in GL # 4, just e-mailed to all governors this morning.

    Do governors still think that early posting of vote results is unnecessary ? ( I tried twice before to get governors to vote for " early " posting, and couldn't get enough governors to vote ). As it stands now, we won't get the results of the vote now until GL # 5 ! And who knows when that might be??

    Please indicate here whether or not you think that the President should post the budget vote results on this board now, by casting your vote in this poll. The motion is moved by Chris Mallon, seconded by Bob Armstrong.

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    I will contact Lyle regarding the Budget voting. I do have one concern regarding the publishing of the budget voting prematurely. Such publishing of voting would affect subsequent voting by governors and potentially skew the results.

    What is much more important is comments from governors after they have consulted with rank and file members. The CFC leadership needs to have some idea what its priorities should be as dictated by the rank and file membership.

    To that end, a questioniare will be mailed out to each CFC member in order to receive the feedback which is crucial for the leadership to proceed.
    Eric Van Dusen
    CFC Past-President 2010-2011

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    Eric, we aren't asking for the budget vote results before the vote closes. However, voting IS closed on the budget, and we'd like to know the results of that vote.

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    Default Agenda Item Summary - Vote Result

    Votes Cast 15

    Yes - 13
    No - 1
    Abstain - 1

    Motion passes.

    During the meeting, Eric advised he would direct Lyle to post here the results of the budget vote.

    Is this summary generally satisfactory?


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