Following the 2020 CFC AGM, Drkulec tries to take my place at the FIDE Online General Assembly.

October 9th, 2020: FIDE publishes the LIST OF DELEGATES for the 2020 FIDE Online General Assembly. Vlad has named himself as Canada’s Delegate.
October 10th, 2020: I notice. I advise Drkulec to correct.
October 14th, 2020: I remind Drkulec to correct.
October 15th, 2020: I escalate to the rest of CFC Executive:

“According to FIDE, you wrote to them stating that you would be attending as Delegate. Now they require you to correct this mistake so please do so. The deadline is October 31. You can almost surely attend as Counsellor and I would totally welcome that.”

And after Drkulec resists:
“I have added the rest of the Executive to this discussion. I am Canada’s FIDE Delegate. Why would you tell FIDE otherwise? I am disappointed that you would take this action without even informing me.”

October 27th, 2020: FIDE confirms that I am confirmed as FIDE Delegate for Canada. And at my collaborative recommendation, that Drkulec will also attend.

December 29th, 2020: Diana Tsypina (Tsypin’s spouse) has passed one year as an IA Category D. It takes at least five years to be promoted to IA Category B. Like her husband, Tsypina makes her move early. She submits her application to me on this date.

I perform a complete analysis, generating many notes of concern. I check with FIDE. I have no choice but to find the application insufficient.

January 18th, 2021: I email Tsypina my decision:

“I regret to advise that I cannot recommend this upgrade. Four of the events you listed took place before you were an FA. Two of the events were 5 rounds in duration. I requested an unofficial opinion from the Arbiters’ Commission and they have confirmed my findings.”

January 18th, 2021: Tsypina escalates to Drkulec. She offers him a possible solution:

“I need a simple written decision of the Chess Federation of Canada,"Submit" or "Refuse". Kindly advise me within five (5) business days. In case of refusal, my next step would be governed by Art 5.4:
"Applications must be submitted to the FIDE Secretariat by the federation of the applicant. The National federation is responsible for the fee. If the applicant’s federation refuses to apply, the applicant can bring his case to the Arbiters’ Commission, who (sic) will investigate it."”

January 19th, 2021: Despite the possible solution offered by Tsypina, Drkulec unilaterally decides to endorse the Tsypina application.

January 20th, 2021: I email my resignation letter to the CFC Executive.

I should note that despite recommending Aris as my interim replacement, he spent several days urging me to stay on. Thank you Aris, for your kind support. I think Victor Plotkin will be an excellent FIDE Rep.

Needless to say there are challenges ahead. Good luck!