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Thread: 2020 North American Junior (U20) Championships

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    Default 2020 North American Junior (U20) Championships

    2020 North American Junior (U20) Championships
    December 19-23, 2020

    NA Junior U20 website: here
    Invitation and Regulation link : here

    The tournament is an over the board event and is proceeding as planned with safety measures in effect

    It is an official FIDE Continental Junior Championship
    IM, FM, WIM, WFM titles and GM, IM, WGM, WIM Norms for winners
    Two Sections: Open U20 and Girls U20

    9 Rounds, G/90 minutes; increment 30 seconds
    FIDE and US Chess Rated, July FIDE ratings used for pairings
    No half-point byes, zero-point byes only


    Juniors 19 and younger as of 1/1/20 (must be born 2000 or after).
    All players from Canada, Mexico, and the United States may enter the tournament.
    Two sections: Open U20 and Girls U20. Girls may enter either section.

    Hilton University Place
    8629 JM Keynes Drive
    Charlotte, NC 28262
    (704) 547-7444

    Canadian Official Player Selection Criteria
    If anyone is interested on NA Junior U20, please email me with your name, CFCID, FIDE ID, email and phone contact before Nov 15.
    The official player name(s) will be selected base on the highest CFC regular rating on Nov 15.
    Official players will be announced on Nov 18 and will be submitted to the organizer by Nov 18.
    Players/parents are taking full responsibility if you decide to participate in this event.

    Travel advisory:
    During this pandemic time, CFC advises players to avoid all travel plans.

    Here is a news article about Can Canadians still fly to USA?

    Please following the Official Global Travel Advisories provided by the Government of Canada

    Also follow the Coronavirus disease travel restrictions and advice.

    CFC Youth Coordinator
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    Congratulations to the following two official representatives!!

    The Open representative is Rohan Talukdar
    The Girl representative is Svitlana Demchenko

    Best luck,
    CFC Youth Coordinator

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