With the great successful of the national youth elite training program provide by Juniors to Master (JtM), Chess Federation of Canada is very excited again to announce the co-sponsorship of 5 students who will register into the spring session of JtM 1300-1700 Group which will be led by GM Gergely Szabo and FM Joshua Doknjas.

Juniors to Masters’ Background
The JtM program was founded by GM Gergely Szabo and Victoria Doknjas. GM Gergely Szabo has been Team Canada’s Head Coach at WYCC, WCCC, World U16 Youth Olympiad, and the Women’s Olympiad.
Victoria Doknjas has been Team Canada’s Head of Delegation at multiple WYCCs and NAYCCs.

Juniors to Masters Mission Statement:
To discover talented individuals, who are willing to work hard and to learn, and through a partnership with them and their supportive parents, we want to help them by teaching, guiding, and encouraging them to reach for their potential and chess goals through the Juniors to Masters Program.

The Juniors to Masters Program and Structure for the 1300-1700 group:
There are 3 terms per year and each term consists of 8 training sessions. The Master Lecture is taught by GM Gergely Szabo and FM Joshua, the author of two Everyman Chess books. It is approximately an hour, then an hour-long training game will follow immediately afterwards. Students will play both black and white from a specific position of the lecture to reinforce what has been taught.

JtM and CFC will co-sponsor 5 players into the JtM 1300-1700 group Program. Each player will receive $100 sponsorship to be used towards the registration into the JtM Program in a CFC yearly chess cycle.

Criteria for Eligible Sponsored Players:
• Who has at least a 1600+ rating for males and 1500+ for females.
• Who will commit to play in at least one international tournament supported and/or recognized by CFC in 2020.

There are 5 spots open for players to apply. Deadline date for the application is Feb 29, 2020.

Application process:

1. Apply to Chess Youth Coordinator, Christina Tao at cfcyouthchess@gmail.com with the player’s name, CFC ID, FIDE ID, brief chess background and participation summary of major tournaments. In addition, include a list of international tournaments that the player is intending to participate in 2020.
2. Register online at: https://juniorstomasters.site123.me/...on-spring-term

Special JtM Achievement Award to Carina D’Souza
Juniors to Masters would like to recognize Carina D’Souza for her hard work and progress in the JtM 1300-1700 Program. Carina’s participation in the group discussions and homework submissions have been excellent; and it is wonderful to see her willingness to help other JtM Students resolve chess.com technical issues. Carina D’Souza is awarded the Juniors to Masters Achievement Award and will also receive JtM sponsorship to be promoted to the Elite Group. Congratulations Carina!

JtM Program details : https://juniorstomasters.site123.me/
Spring Term Training session dates and times: https://juniorstomasters.site123.me/...on-spring-term
JtM Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/juniorstomasters/

Again, congratulation to all JtM elite program's recipients : http://www.chesscanada.info/forum/sh...asters-Program

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Christina Tao
CFC Youth Coordinator