A question for posters: How might you avoid 'stale' opening play, if you wish to?

Some possible approaches:

1) Don't worry if play the same stuff, with same moves until book line ends, endlessly (assuming can recall the theory during a game);
2) Change at least some openings used, every so often (possible problem: only so many theoretically approved openings, even if like many);
3) Use same openings endlessly, but change specific variations used in these, every so often (possible problem: only so many approved variations);
4) Use same stuff endlessly, except keep trying to come up with novelties for specific moves before the book line ends (includes use of engines);
5) Try to leave theory as soon as possible (at least sometimes) even if dicey moves are tried;
6) Usually stick to same stuff, but flirt with other choices now and then for the sake of variety, surprise and/or game situation.

At one time or another I've used all 6 approaches (not to mention playing chess variants more often when chess itself seems to be getting stale, to me). Right now I have a pretty stable, wide opening repertoire, which I've never fully mastered. Sometimes a variation I use becomes unplayable, at least temporarily (more likely to be permanently now, thanks to computers), and in a way that may take care of some stale part of the repertoire, if I can replace it with something else.