GM norm and IM norm FIDE rated round robin tournaments and Elite Chess Camp with Karpov, Avrukh, Aagaard and Dlugy!!!

Chess Max Academy 1470 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10075
Website: 917-9308840

Invitational Chess Max Academy Camp with Anatoly Karpov, Boris Avrukh, Maxim Dlugy and special guest Jacob Aagaard!
July 29th - Aug 2nd , 2019

This camp featuring three of the top coaches in the world will be open to 1600+ students who are serious about continuing their chess education. Students will be invited and accepted based on their interest in the game and chess accomplishments.

Camp Facts:
When: July 29th - August 2nd , 2019 from 9AM 5PM each day with break for lunch
Where: Chess Max Academy at 1470 1 st Avenue, New York, NY 10075
Student Limit: 30
Rating minimum: Players have to have achieved a rating of 1800 or be in the top 20 of the rating list in their age group in U.S.
Price: $2000/week, $500/day

August 3rd - 9th , there will be two Round Robin FIDE rated norm tournaments 9 rounds each, with GM, IM, and other norms available.
Players hunting for GM/IM norms will have to pay an Entry Fee of $800. $200 less for foreign norm-hunters. Entry fee for FIDE rated tournaments with FM norms will be $400.
There will be a $400 discount for GM/IM norm-hunters who have completed the Karpov camp!

Rounds 1-4 will be played 2 rounds per day, with the last round taking place on August 9 th .

Additionally, there will be a FIDE rated rapid and FIDE rated Blitz tournaments taking place on Tuesday July 30th and Friday August 2nd week with guaranteed $1000 in prizes in each. We encourage all campers to enroll, as the coaches will be on hand to give advice on how to improve their speed play.

Entry fee to these events will be $60/event with online registration, $80 at the door.