The CFC office would like to remind all members that it is their responsibility to keep their memberships current. Memberships need to be valid during the entire period of any CFC rated event. Junior members playing in Junior only events are exempted from paying membership dues except for National Junior Events (CYCC, Canadian Junior Championship). Juniors playing in CYCC, Canadian Junior or any Adult tournament need to pay membership dues.

The CFC office would like to remind all event organizers, TD’s, and club officials that it is their responsibility to ensure all participants are current members. They can either collect dues onsite and remit to the CFC office or instruct players to renew directly with the CFC office.

The CFC office policy has been to go ahead and rate events without verifying that all memberships are current thus relying on the players, event organizers, TD’s and club officials to do their part. Why hold up rating an event because of one or two expired memberships? Do we need to review this policy periodically? Most certainly Yes.

The CFC office will be conducting a comprehensive review of the membership list as of May 1, 2019.
We will begin with a list of those who appear to have played recently under an expired membership.
Tournaments rated for 3 months (May – July) will be audited 100% for memberships.
The membership list will be reviewed again for compliance as of August 1, 2019.
If it is deemed necessary, we will circulate a list of suspended memberships pending payment.