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Thread: 2019 World Youth Chess Championship at Mumbai India, Oct 1-13

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    Default 2019 World Youth Chess Championship at Mumbai India, Oct 1-13

    2019 World Youth U14, U16, U18 Chess Championship
    Mumbai, India, Oct 1 - 13, 2019
    WYCC official deadline date : Aug 2, 2019
    WYCC Invitiation file :
    HoD of WYCC Team : Vivek Srinivas
    email contact :

    Canadian Team deadline: July 10, 2019

    Anyone interested to go to WYCC should plan ahead, contact us and we will start doing the registration process very soon.

    Official players for WYCC will be selected from 2019 CYCC (the Champion of the age category).
    Canadian passport holders must obtain a visa before entering India. The Organizers will issue visa invitations only after all the pre-payments are made

    Player plays in CYCC
    - Winner of each section is the official player to WYCC.
    - Will have full access to a head coach assigned by CFC
    - FIDE and tournament registration fees will be sponsored by CFC.
    - Up to $1000 flight ticket will be sponsored by CFC.
    - Hotel and accommodation will be covered by the WCCC organizer

    - 2nd and 3rd place winners of each section are qualified to play in WYCC
    - FIDE and tournament registration fee will be sponsored by CFC.
    - Qualified for the official player selection process to Pan-AM or NAYCC in next calendar year

    - All other players can apply to CFC to play in WYCC. Once approved, there is a $150 contribution to Youth Fund.

    Player doesn’t play in CYCC but want to join WYCC
    - All players must write to CFC Youth Coordinator and get approval by CFC committee. This rule will be strictly enforced.
    - Players who doesn’t play in CYCC will not be considered as official player to WYCC
    - If approved, there is a $600 contribution to Youth Fund.

    WYCC Coaching fee
    - CFC will sponsor one head coach to WYCC. Only official players will have the access to the head coach.
    - All additional players will have opinion of accessing a coach or not.
    - After the CYCC is done and the amount of extra youth fund are collected, if the fund is not sufficient for 2nd or more coaches, all players who request to have coach access will share the extra coaching fee.

    WYCC Registration Procedure:
    - For players who want to go to WYCC without playing in CYCC, once approved, will start the registration process ASAP

    - For player who play in CYCC but does not want to participate in WYCC, no action is required.

    - For player who play in CYCC and will decide to go to WYCC after CYCC ranking, can start the registration process step 1-6 before Jun 1, make the final decision on Jul 10 once the CYCC is done. All payments to WYCC will be due on Jul 15.

    1. Player’s name, birthdate, passport type (Canadian/others) and passport number
    2. Player section, FIDE ID, FIDE rating, CFC ID and CFC rating
    3. Accompanying person name, birthdate, passport type (Canadian/others) and passport number
    4. Visa requirement (Yes/No)
    5. Flight information for airport pickup arrangement
    6. Coaching option
    7. Invoice will be created
    8. CFC will collect payment before Jul 20.

    CFC Youth Coordinator
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    Good morning CYCC players/parents:

    All players who finish top 3 or tied for 2nd /3rd place, will automatically be qualified to participate into WCCC/WYCC. All other players who finish close to the top can apply for approval to attend these world events. Since the timing is very tight for both groups, I urge all parents to start thinking and planning now.

    If you are in U14, U16 and U18 section,

    WYCC registration has already started. Once CYCC champions are announced, you will have two days to decide whether you are going to WYCC or not. For all other players, you will have five days to make a final decision.

    • Below is the WYCC registration timeline.
    • Jul 12- CYCC champions confirm if they are going to WYCC
    • Jul 15- WYCC deadline date
    • Jul 16- Invoice will be sent to parents
    • Jul 22- Payment due date
    • Jul 29- CFC will wire the money to the WYCC organizer.

    • WYCC fee:
    • FIDE entry/registration fee – official player 70 euro, additional player 140 euro
    • WYCC registration fee – everyone (players and accompanying person) 100 euro
    • CFC youth fund - $150 for players who don’t finish top 3
    • Single room is 115 euro x 13 x 1 = 1495 euro
    • Double room is 80 euro x 13 x 2 = 2080 euro
    • The conversion rate to Canadian is x 1.55 (set by CFC)

    Email to confirm your participle in WYCC.

    Official player coverage for WCCC/WYCC
    • Official player will have up to $1000 flight ticket coverage by CFC
    • Official player FIDE registration fee will be paid by CFC
    • Official player WCCC/WYCC event registration fee will be paid by CFC.
    • Official player accommodation and meals are covered by the host organizer

    Best luck to everyone.
    Christina Tao
    CFC Youth Coordinator
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