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Thread: 2. Opening Comments of Chair

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    Default 2. Opening Comments of Chair

    This thread is reserved for comments from our President Vlad Drkulec

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    I would like to welcome the voting members to this spring meeting of the CFC voting members.

    The CFC is healthy in our finances and with continuing growth in membership numbers this trend should continue. One of the discussion items is a possible update to the Strategic Plan of the CFC which I believe was last updated in 2011 or 2012. Another discussion item is the CFC Handbook which is badly in need of updating. Voting members can add suggested discussion items during the meeting through the New Business thread.

    Hal Bond and I along with Aris Marghetis attended the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance conference in Ottawa in early March. We met with some thirty communities interested in sponsoring chess activity in their communities. I think there is more community interest than we have available organizers. The quality of the community interest seemed a bit higher this year. Last year we were attending for the first time and thus we had some very small communities that were interested in some basic information about organizing a chess club. We didn't have very much of that this year.

    We have much to discuss so lets get down to business.

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    Further to Vlad's comments about this conference, I found it most worthwhile. We have many municipalities across the country who are not in a position to hold a Canadian Open yet but are keen to dabble with regional events. Sometimes we think of our events as too small to attract support from tourism purses but the category of sport tourism is also under developed in many municipalities and they are becoming increasingly aware of the category. Relationships are there waiting to be built!

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