The Concordia Chess group will be hosting a blitz tournament April 18th at 8 pm.

Time Control: 5 minutes, no increment

Number of Rounds: minimum 5 opponents with two games vs. each opponent

Entry Fee: $5

Prizes: 100% of entry fees, distributed: 1st: 50%, 2nd: 30%, 3rd: 20%

Tournament is unrated so no CFC membership is required.


Concordia Club
429 Ottawa St S
Kitchener, Ontario
N2M 3P6

We have enough clocks and sets to accommodate 20 players. Please reserve your entry in advance or bring a set and a clock.

Contact: Stephen Humphreys

Information about the Concordia Club:

Ample free parking is available. Enter at the lower level door to the Shenke restaurant and staff can direct you to the Jaegerstube. The club’s restaurant is open to the public. Thursday Night is Chef's Night: 2 can dine for $22.00!

For a map and further information see: