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    Below is a link to the wiki for British GM John Nunn. Personally, I think the length of the wiki is bit short for a player who briefly made the world's top ten, like the famous female player Judit Polgar did later on. I feel that I detect quite a bit of similarity between these two player's styles, too, even though Nunn always kept to a narrow opening repertoire (which could have been mentioned in the wiki, and perhaps given in some detail). Both players used 1.e4 (and the King's Indian Defence as Black) heavily (even more so in Nunn's case), not to mention the Sicilian. Both have highly tactical styles (though not lacking in positional play skill) and as one annotator observed, both are not averse to doing some analyzing at the board. I'd note they both used the Petroff on occasion (apparently when not minding a draw), which is a quirk that sets their styles apart only a tiny bit from Fischer's, which seems to make for a tidy group of three quite similar players in terms of style otherwise, IMHO. Recently I had been thinking of reducing my own repertoire somewhat, at least to make it closer to being indisputably impeccable (if it's ever possible to get a good number of chess players to agree on anything), and I had been looking at some of Judit Polgar's 'Sunday best' opening choices circa the mid-2000s, which coincided with a lot of Fischer's and Nunn's (even though these three players were playing most of their best chess in 3 time periods that hardly overlapped):
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