I am often a Luddite when it comes to chess engine evaluations of positions from games that I have played but the engine evaluation on Chess.com is right there when you look at your archive games so occasionally I have been using the feature. I am reminded of why I don't use engines as much as I should when I evaluate the engine suggestions. The engine suggests that a perfectly reasonable move in an advantageous position has swung the evaluation of the position from +3.68 to something like +2.7. I play a logical followup move and we're back to something like +3.88. In the game, I was up a solid pawn in an ending with two rooks, knight, four pawns against two rooks, bishop, three pawns all on the kingside. My opponent had walked himself into an unbreakable pin and was in time trouble to boot. Following the directions of countless grandmasters I improved my position and postponed doing anything committal until all my pieces were on their ideal squares (which meant the king which was the only piece which was not somewhat ideally placed) and my opponents time situation was a bit more critical. I made several somewhat non-commital moves even allowing two-fold repetition before triangulating my king so that we got the same position two more times but with different players on the move. The only way to break the position open was with an exchange sacrifice that would leave him hopelessly lost and still pinned. We traded a pair of rooks to prevent me from just grabbing the pinned bishop and then we had a zugswang with no legal moves for my opponent that didn't immediately lose material and with the opportunity for me to get a king and pawn ending with an e5-pawn and g-h pawns versus just g-h pawns for my opponent at any time I wanted unless he simply gave me a piece which would leave him with a rook versus knight, pawn and rook in his best scenario. He resigned with 2 seconds left on his clock in that hopeless position.

Out of curiosity, I have previously run positions and games through Komodo and Fritz and Stockfish on my other computer and they do not exhibit the same evaluation swings as the chess.com app does.