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Several meetings ago there was a try to attract people and start a work. Did it move anywhere? Shall we start a process again? Just discussing a semantic will not change the Handbook.

Youth Coordinator mentioned issues about the Youth World and Canada in the next year. This is a good test for Voting members and Execs to work quickly and set rules/procedure/you-name-it.

Olympiad - this requires collections of all motions to update the website version. Unless there are some new thoughts. Victor & Hal, do you have any new input required for a smooth work? Probably, at least, it's time to set a schedule with concrete dates for the next Olympiad.

Closed - the recent bid was accepted (some my concerns left unanswered, though). Not yet in public view.

Rating system - I think a rating auditor was supervising its section and it should be up-to date. Though, I don't recall many changes over past several years.
Paul Leblanc has volunteered to revise the section on ratings when we're ready and I can think of no one better.

I see the Handbook Revision project more in terms of consolidating motions and generally making our documents MUCH easier to access and use. As national secretary I have to access the Handbook more than most of you and my preferred way is to go to the website and doing a find on the phrase I'm looking for. As an example, before each quarterly meeting I go to the Handbook page and make sure I re-read the section on Online meetings to refresh my memory and make sure everything gets done right. Our practice varies a bit but not hugely from the regs of 10 years ago.