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    Default 2. Opening Comments of Chair

    Fellow VMs it is my pleasure to introduce our president Vladimir Drkulec

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    I would like to welcome the voting members to our late fall/early winter quarterly meeting. We have a new voting member for Ontario in Matthew Nicholson, due to ineligibility of the original nominee for not having a regular membership. I'm sorry to see Ellen Nadeau drop out but hopefully, Matthew will become an active voting member.

    We have a number of items up for discussion. Overall the situation for chess in Canada seems to be improving. Our membership seems to be trending upward. It seems that we are having an easier time finding community sponsorship for national events in part due to contacts that we have been able to make through the Canadian Sports Tourism Alliance conference in Halifax in March of last year where Fred McKim and I were able to attend at the CSTA's expense. I am not sure that we will get such generous terms this time (free flights and hotel for both Fred and myself) but I think this was an event worth attending if only for the networking opportunities and seminars on things like sponsorship and the ability to compare notes with other sporting federations. The CSTA opportunity itself arose from the fact that the CFC was recognized by the Canadian Olympic Committee as the National Sporting Organization for chess in Canada.

    The only investment last year (2018) was our time but we got a great return on that investment as we got a very good bid from Gary Hua, Ken Green and Vadim Tsypin and their group in Mississauga for the Canadian Open and CYCC which was well supported by the contacts that we made in Halifax.

    We also got a multi-year bid for the Canadian Closed and Canadian Women's Closed from Kingston and Aris Marghetis again due to our making some good contacts in Kingston at the same conference. The information in that bid will be shown in this meeting.

    In addition to making contact, I think the biggest reason why we are getting these sponsorships is that we have aligned our tournaments with the horizon of local municipalities and their tourism bureaus by scheduling events two years or so in the future which aligns with the priorities of the same tourism officials and venues such as hotels and universities.

    Lloyd Lombard asked that we look at our business plan again and possibly update it.

    There are a number of issues with the timing of CYCC and WCCC this year. Christina Tao our youth coordinator will inform us about this.

    There is much to discuss and so without further ado lets get to work.
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