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Thread: Greater Toronto Chess League 2019

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    Lightbulb Greater Toronto Chess League 2019


    Date: First Round starts on January 15th, 2019

    Venue: 4169 Bathurst Street (Earl Bales Community Centre), near the Sheppard and Bathurst

    Format: Teams from different clubs or organizations will compete against each other in a Round Robin.
    Each team shall consist of 4 players with an unlimited number of reserve players.

    Rounds: Rounds are played on consecutive Tuesdays at 19:00 sharp.
    Time Control: 60 minutes for the game and a 10 second increment each move from move one

    Deadline: The deadline for team entries will be December 31, 2018, 11:59pm

    Entry Fee: FREE

    Rated: This event will be CFC rated. CFC membership in good standing is required. CFC Membership
    payable to William Li (onsite): $32 for Juniors, $48 for Adults. May also be paid online at:

    Registration: Entries are emailed to Tournament Coordinator William Li:

    Prizes: Trophy for all players of the winning team.

    Main Criteria: Match Points (accumulated team matches, 2 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss);
    1st Tiebreak: Game Points (accumulated individual games);
    2nd Tiebreak: Results between the teams in the same point group according to Match Points.

    Chess sets and boards are provided by the Willowdale Chess Club. No clocks are provided. Each team
    must bring a minimum of 2 chess clocks.

    Board 1:
    Board 2:
    Board 3:
    Board 4:
    Reserves (please list in order, from top to bottom):

    Please refer to for GTCL 2019 Handbook.
    __________________________________________________ _______________________
    The standings of the most recent Greater Toronto Chess League (2018) can be found here:
    The upcoming one is Greater Toronto Chess League 2019, taking place starting January 15th as mentioned above in this post.

    Hart House Chess Club, the defending champion, is planning to send two teams for this event.(RatingAvg: ~2330)
    Aurora Chess Club, top seed of 2016, 2017, and 2018 GTCL, is planning to send a team. (RatingAvg: ~2300)

    PRE-REGISTERED LIST (as of December 24, 2018):

    Chess Stars (Rating average - 2307):
    Captain: Michael Barron
    1st Board: WGM Anna Burtasova (2257 FIDE)
    2nd Board: Viatcheslav [Slava] Rek (2327)
    3rd Board: IM Michael Barron (2298)
    4th Board: NM Michael Kimelman (2244)
    1st Substitute: NM Ilia Bluvshtein (2227)
    2nd Substitute: Sasha Starr (2144)
    3rd Substitute :WIM Nava Starr (2112)

    Pinoy Chess Club: (Rating average - 2233):
    Captain: Jelvis Calvelo
    1st Board: FM Eduardo D. Teodoro IV (2334)
    2nd Board: Ryan Franco (2272)
    3rd Board: Merlin Nazareno (2233)
    4th Board: Ranel Lauron (2094)
    1st Substitute: Andrew Picana (2044)
    2nd Substitute: Jelvis Calvelo (1924)
    3rd Substitute: Armand Jess Mendoza (1898)
    4th Substitute: Joey Orozco (1834)
    5th Substitute: Trifelino Miaco (1819)

    Scarborough Chess Club A (Rating average - 2209):
    Captain: William Li
    1st Board: NM William Li (2269)
    2nd Board: NM Jeffrey Xu (2244)
    3rd Board: NM Sean Lei (2166)
    4th Board: NM Harry Zhao (2158)
    1st Substitute: Brian Jiang (2099)
    2nd Substitute: Benjamin Lin (2079)
    3rd Substitute: Wing Li (1616)
    4th Substitute: Henry Xianrui Zhang (1517)

    Covfefe (Rating average - 2178):
    Team Captain: Victor Plotkin
    1st Board: FM Victor Plotkin (2391)
    2nd Board: FM Mark Plotkin (2404)
    3rd Board: Max Rusonik (2046)
    4th Board: Greg Rusonik (1870)

    Willowdale Chess Club (Rating average - 2161):
    Captain: Dmitry Chernik
    1st Board: WFM Oksana Golubeva (2201)
    2nd Board: NM Vladimir Birarov (2182)
    3rd Board: Alexander Strugach (2145)
    4th Board: Dmitry Chernik (1997)
    1st Substitute: Denis Ryadnov (2114)
    2nd Substitute: Isai Berengolts (2099)
    3rd Substitute: Benjamin Fradkin (2045)
    4th Substitute: Stephan Tonakanian (2054)
    5th Substitute: Vadim Khachaturov (1956)

    Scarborough Chess Club B (Rating average - 2026):
    1st Board: Raymond Gao (2059)
    2nd Board: Eric Ning (2056)
    3rd Board: Jeffrey R. Zhao (2027)
    4th Board: Youhe Huang (1960)
    1st Substitute: William [Zhimao] Gao (1654)
    2nd Substitute: Toy Chack Kwan (1604)

    Manila Chess Club (Rating average - 1995):
    Team Captain: Erwin Casareno
    1st Board: NM Erwin Casareno (2073)
    2nd Board: NM Ruperto Frilles (2041)
    3rd Board: Glenda Baylon (1871)
    4th Board: Boris Iriarrtv (UNR)
    1st Substitute: Ernesto Sarabia (UNR)
    2nd Substitute: Ferdinand Tecson (UNR)
    3rd Substitute: James Casareno (UNR)

    North York Beavers (Rating average - 1753):
    Team Captain: Oswald Barmasch
    1st Board: Yury Cheryachukin (2006)
    2nd Board: Chris Udrea (1871)
    3rd Board: Hooshang Ab-barin (1762)
    4th Board: Oswald Barmasch (1373)
    1st Substitute: M. Hassan Pishdad (1032)

    Total - 8 teams
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    Just about one and a half months till registration deadline! Bring forth your strongest players possible! We had a very strong tournament last season

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    Less than one week to go before registration closes!!

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    Tomorrow is the last day for registration.

    Updated pre-registered list is now posted on:

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    I have extended the deadline to January 6th, 2018.

    Hence, the pairings will be ready on January 7th.

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    Pairings for all rounds have been posted on:

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