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Thread: 2. Opening Comments of the Chair

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    Default 2. Opening Comments of the Chair

    Let us welcome our outgoing president Vladimir Drkulec

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    I would like to welcome the voting members to this final meeting of the 2017 - 2018 outgoing voting assembly. If all goes to plan, we will hear from the directors and officers with regard to what happened this year in their portfolios. We have continued to enjoy some healthy incremental growth which is reflected in our relatively healthy bottom line. Last March, Fred Mckim and I attended the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance convention in Halifax. This has led to at least two tournaments and a bid for CYCC and the Canadian Open from Gary Hua, Ken Green, and the Tsypins (Vadim and Diana) from Mississauga which you can see over in the incoming meeting.

    This meeting has been shortened by one day to seven days as meetings tend to run out of steam as they drag on. Hopefully we have only cut the fat and not the meat of the meeting. With that lets get to work.

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