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Thread: Hamilton Summer Open 2018 - August 25+26

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    Default Hamilton Summer Open 2018 - August 25+26

    Hamilton City Chess Club Presents:
    A 5 Round Swiss August 25-26 At
    Emmanuel United Church
    871 upper Ottawa Street, Hamilton Ontario

    • Schedule
    Please Confirm your registration Saturday August 25 at 9:00am
    Those arriving after 9:20am may not be paired

    • Game Times
    Saturday - 9:30am, 2:00pm and 6:30pm
    Sunday - 11:00am, 4:00pm

    • Sections and Prizes
    Top Guns - U2000 - U1600 - U1200
    Top Guns and U2000 will play for cash prizes. U1600 and U1200 will play for trophies.
    To play in the Top Guns Section You must be 1900 or higher
    To play in the U2000 section you must be 1500 or higher
    To play in the U1600 section you must be 1200 or higher
    Please note: Unrated players are not eligible for the U2000 prize.

    • Fees
    Email us your commitment to play by by Thursday Aug 23 to avoid late fee!
    Top Guns and U2000 $60.00 - U1600 and U1200 $40.00 Cash Only
    (Cost at the door is $70 and $50 respectively)
    Titled players who commit to playing by Wednesday August 22st will receive BIG discount
    CFC Membership required

    • Time Control
    All games 90 minutes with a 30 second increment

    • Rules and Equipment
    Please Bring Chess sets, Boards and Digital Clocks
    Players are responsible for providing their chess equipment
    Please Turn off your cell phones
    TD Rulings based on CFC/FIDE handbooks are final

    Organizers: Robert Gillanders and Garvin Nunes

    Questions, Concerns and Pre-Registration
    Email us at:
    Also visit our website: ""

    Discuss our tournament on Chess Canada:
    Discuss our tournament on Chess Talk:
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    Hi Garvin,

    Do you have the register lists? Thanks.

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    Hi Garvin,

    I heard a rumor said this tournament was cancelled. Is that truth?

    Anyone can help me? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by William Yuan View Post
    Hi Garvin,

    I heard a rumor said this tournament was cancelled. Is that truth?

    Anyone can help me? Thanks.
    Sorry for my delayed response. My internet was down for a week or so.

    The tournament is not cancelled! Catching up on emails to as we speak ;-)

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    Pre Registration List - Hamilton Summer Open 2018

    Top Guns
    (FM) Doug Bailey
    Isai Berengolts
    (NM) William Li
    (FM) Guannan Terry Song
    Gordon Gooding
    (FM) Mark Plotkin
    Lambert Liu
    (NM) Zach Dukic
    Cindy Qiao
    Tom Schmidt
    Malhar Singh
    Keith Wight
    Jefferey Renfei Zhao
    Yuetong [Davy] Zhao
    Garvin Nunes

    Bhargava Guntoori
    Nicholas Catania
    Robert Toth
    Noah Nathaniel Yuen
    Mario Umana
    Greta Qu
    Ronnie Nino Caloyloy
    Pierre Maheux
    Bob Gillanders
    Austin Xie
    Michelle Hua
    Justin Hack
    Thomas Kurian
    Ronan Uthayakumar
    Shawn Talsma
    Amir Mohammad Docheshmeh

    Louis Montinaro
    Kevin Shi
    Atharva Srinivas
    Alina Chen
    Adam Li
    Louis Hu
    Kenneth Joseph Callaghan
    Cheney Chen
    Michel Vasquez
    Marco Greco
    Frank Wu
    Rishi Sarkar
    Yiwei Dong
    George Stajov
    Michael Yu
    Sean Ran
    Marco D'Orante

    Zi Liu
    Rae Chen
    Cameron Herbert
    Zachary Ali
    Jody Liao
    Jocelyn Liao
    Jerry McKitrick
    Vincent Chen
    Danylo Glinnyi
    Yunhui Yan
    Jane Hannah Xu
    Thomas Xiong
    Wah Singh (Joseph) Leung
    Yingyue (Gavin) Zhang
    Ricky Zhu
    Ivan Huang
    Justin Huang
    Larry Yang
    Truong Cat Tuong
    William Johnson
    Katelyn Johnson
    Steven Roach
    Isabella Yang
    Justin Greco
    Lucy Yang
    Ryan Cowan
    Michael Sun
    Alice Ran
    Harpreet Singh
    Luka Granic
    Anni Guo
    John Hay
    Mattis Santos
    Jeremy Zhu

    If you don't see your name here or if you see a mistake, please email
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    A few notes about this event:

    This tournament has a fide rated section.

    It should be noted that for all sections the one hour rule applies..that is, if a player is 1 hour late he/she will get a forfeit loss.

    We will be sticking to the schedule on our poster as much as possible. Sometimes a round will start after the time, but we will not be making any of the round start times earlier than the schedule.

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    Some Hamilton Area Hotels:

    Residence and Conference Centre Hamilton
    245 Fennel Ave West
    905 385 3200
    About $95

    Staybridge Suites, Downtown Hamilton
    905 527 1001
    Includes Kitchen
    About $200

    Comfort Inn
    183 Centennial Parkway North
    1 905 560 4500
    About $139

    Esquire Motel
    1110 Plains Road West, Burlington
    1 905 529 3915
    Cheap get what you pay for ;-)

    Budget Inn 2000
    737 King Street East, Hamilton
    905 527 2708
    About $80

    Please note hotel prices changing on a daily basis

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    Due to a confusing error in our poster/original text we are extending the deadlines by 1 day. So the deadline for pre registration is Thursday Aug 23 and the Titled player discount deadline is Wednesday Aug 22.

    Basically the days of the week and the dates did not match..oops ;-)

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    Hi I'd just like to remind everyone to park on the gravel parking lot. The small part that's paved is supposed to be for emergency vehicles. Thanks!

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    I'd like to remind everyone that our playing hall is air conditioned and fans are blowing from above. Last year, I definitely got a few comments about how cool it was. So bring a jacket or a sweater just in case.

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