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Thread: FIDE Arbiter Seminar Guelph, August 10-12

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    Default FIDE Arbiter Seminar Guelph, August 10-12

    FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar in Guelph, August 10-12, 2018

    Aspiring Arbiters please take note! Guelph is hosting a FIDE Arbiters Seminar from August 10-12. We will be on the lower floor (room 004) of the Guelph University Centre. Whether you are a National Arbiter, a veteran club Arbiter or just starting out, this seminar will cover all of the technical aspects of Arbiting – from the laws of chess to pairing rules to GM norms and anti-cheating regulations. Successful attendees (ie those who pass the exam) will earn a compulsory norm toward their FIDE Arbiter (FA)Title. The FA title allows you to be the Chief Arbiter in a norm tournament.

    In order to cover all the material, it will be a full weekend. Friday night will run from 6pm – 10pm and Saturday /Sunday will run from 9am-7pm. The exam will be set on Sunday afternoon.

    The seminar fee is $275. You can pay by e-transfer to my email address.
    The Chief Lecturer will be me, Hal Bond, and my assistant will be IA Aris Marghetis. Aris is the Secretary of the FIDE Arbiters Commission and will have recently returned from their pre-Olympiad Commission meeting.
    For further details please contact me

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    Hello chess friends, just a friendly reminder of the upcoming FIDE Arbiter seminar in Guelph. Please refer to the original post above on how to register, pay Hal, etc.

    I will be driving back from the Canadian Seniors in Alberta, and I expect to pick up at least one seminar attendee from Toronto, during the day on Friday, August 10th.

    So if the only thing holding you back is transportation, drop me a line and let's see if I can help you out. Thanks, all the best, Aris (email arismarghetis at rogers dot com)

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