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Thread: 11th International Varennes Chess Championship October 5 to 7, 2018

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    Default 11th International Varennes Chess Championship October 5 to 7, 2018


    The chess club of Varennes is pleased to present the details of the 11th Varennes International Championship.

    We are pleased to announce that prices are still guaranteed and amount to $ 20,000.00.

    Last year the tournament hosted 221 participants / 7 GM / 9 countries. Hope to receive more in 2018

    The tournament will take place at the same place. High School Le Carrefour de Varennes. The school is located at 123, Petit-Bois Road, Varennes (QC), Canada, J3X 1P7 - Angle of Route 132 and Gabelle near the IGA

    The dates are October 5-6 and October 7 is the weekend of Thanksgiving.

    We have a new website that is now functional. Attention the address of the site has changed. This is

    Moreover, the registration period is open. 2 registrations and a GM as of today.

    We have increased the number of sections in order to benefit a bigger player to win a prize. Also there are 2 class prices per section

    5 sections shared as follows:

    A: 2100 and +: 1st prize $ 3,000.00

    B: -2100: 1st prize $ 1,400.00

    C: -1800: 1st prize $ 1,300.00

    D: -1500: 1st prize $ 1,200.00

    E: -1200: 1st prize $ 1,000.00

    Here are our different payment methods

    Payment by credit card via Paypal: Deadline Wednesday Oct. 3 at noon
    Varennes Chess Club: PO #, 175 St-Anne St, Varennes, QC J3X 1T5. Deadline Monday 1st October
    Strategy Games, 3423 St-Denis Street, Montreal, QC, H3X 3L2 (514) 845-8352. Deadline 30 September
    No registration by phone, email or facebook. Allow 3-4 days for delivery of your registration form.
    We are not responsible for postage delays Canada.

    Onsite services: Strategy Games - Free Parking - Canteen - chessboards and parts provided - Clock rental - Clock provided in section 2100 and +

    Rated: Sections A and B are rated FIDE-FQE-FCE. C-D-E sections are FQE-FCE rated

    Round schedule

    Round 1: 19h Friday
    Round 2: 10h Saturday
    Round 3: 16h Saturday
    Round 4: 10am Sunday
    Round 5: 16h Sunday


    WelcomINNS Hotel 15 min. of the tournament
    1195 Ampere Street, Boucherville, Qc J4B 7M6 Tel: 1-800-779-2659 / 450-449-1011
    The hotel offers a rate of $ 109 (+ tax) per room / night. Free Buffet, Int Pool, Whirlpool, Sauna.

    Public transport

    It is possible to get to Varennes by bus (700) from the Longueuil metro station.
    The stop is at the corner of 132 / la Gabelle opposite the IGA at 5 min. of the tournament.
    Schedule of line 700 on the Internet:

    Best regards,

    Michel Roy

    Varennes Chess Club
    Postal boxe # 16, 175 Sainte-Anne Street, Varennes, QC J3X 1T5

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    Hello everyone

    The list of players registered for the Varennes tournament is currently available on the tournament website.

    Here is the web address of the 11th Varennes Championship:

    Best Regards

    Michel Roy
    Chess Club of Varennes
    Post Office # 16, 175 St. Anne Street, Varennes, QC J3X 1T5

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