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The 2016 Canadian Senior broke even financially. It would have been nice to provide better amenities for the players and to have been able to help with travel costs to the World Senior but that was far beyond our budget.
Good to know that there is no shortage of bids for upcoming Canadian Opens. I remember at the Toronto events in 2010 and 2011 that the organizers came to the AGM requesting that the CFC write off the rating fees because they were over-budget. That was probably caused by "going crazy with the prize fund". The 2012 Canadian Open in Victoria was paired with a CYCC in Vancouver and would have had a considerable loss without a last minute BC government grant. The prize fund was quite modest but it's hard to generate more than 150 entries on the geographic fringes and travel costs for the visiting GM's is quite high.

The Closed and the Women's Closed are not affordable for any organizer without support from the CFC.

I suppose, in closing, that an event proposal to hold a national championship could contain a stipulation that some CFC funding be provided and then be judged accordingly.
I expected we would have to infuse some cash to get someone to organize the 2017 Canadian Closed. The FQE agreed to organize the event (with the possibility of some "credit" towards the CFC-FQE deal from us), but we did have to pay the airfare for the winner to go to the World Cup. Likewise, we are paying for the winner of the CWC to go to the next World Women's Tournament. Ideally the events should be self-sustaining, but this may be impossible for the Women's and only possible if the Open gets 50 entries (which has been known to happen in Toronto) - of course barring sponsorship.