Chess Federation of Canada Voting Members Meeting December 10 – 17, 2017

1. Agenda
2. Opening Comments of Chair
3. voting member Sign-in - sign in by voting for any of the options

4. Reports (Executive members and Officers please post your reports here)
A. President
B. Vice President
C. Secretary
D. Past President
E. FIDE Representative
F. Youth Coordinator
G. Masters Representative
H. Woman’s Coordinator
I. Rating Auditor
J. Chess Foundation of Canada
K. Kalev Pugi Fund
L. Treasurer
M. Executive Director: Financial Report

5A Discussion Items
1) Junior chess issues and participation in world events like WYCC/WCCC/U16 Olympiad
2) Anton Kovalyov World Cup incident
3) CFC Handbook
4) New business

5B Motions No motions have yet been received.

Part II "The Voting Booth" Voting on motions and bids (only if there are competing bids): Day 4 to Day 7

Attention voting members: the voting period if required is day 4 through day 7

1 Voting on motions
No motions have been submitted for voting.

Part II At end of meeting

7. Closing Comments by Chair
8. Adjournment