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Thread: Mississauga Open 2017

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    Default Mississauga Open 2017

    Lots of problems at the tournament this past weekend.
    Some unforced errors, some unavoidable problems, and lots of misbehaving kids.

    We are taking steps to correct these problems including disciplinary action on some junior player(s).

    The Mississauga CYCC qualifer scheduled for January 20, 2018 has been cancelled. Actions have consequences!

    We will have more to say on the matter, Gord and I are meeting for lunch tomorrow to discuss.
    In the meantime, your feedback in most welcome.
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    Hey Bob, I hadn't originally checked this thread because the title was a bit generic Lee's CT post had an almost clickbaity title though!

    I'm sorry to hear about your problems at the event. Hopefully they don't repeat!
    Christopher Mallon
    FIDE Arbiter

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