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Thread: 01. Agenda - Incoming Meeting

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    Default 01. Agenda - Incoming Meeting

    Chess Federation of Canada - Annual General Meeting - Incoming Voting Members - 20 - 27 August 2017

    (Note to voting members: all votes open at 9pm ET, all votes and nominations close at 6pm ET, the meeting ends at 10pm ET on August 27th)

    Part 1 - Agenda and Sign-in

    1. Agenda & Opening Comments of Chair
    2. voting member Sign-in

    Part 2 - Election of voting members from Non-Affiliated Provinces / Territories

    3. Election of voting members from Non-Affiliated Provinces/Territories (nominations close on day 3, if elections are required this will take place on days 4-5)

    3A. SK - (1)
    3B. QC - (3) Ratification of FQE nominees for CFC voting member (if no objections are posted to any FQE nomination these will be acclaimed at the end of the nomination period)
    3C. YT - (1)

    Part 3 - Elections of Federation Executive Members, Officers and other positions

    4. Nomination of Candidates for Election (nominations close at 6pm ET August 22 - day 3, elections continue through 6pm ET August 26 - day 6)


    4.1 President
    4.2 Vice-President
    4.3 Secretary
    4.4 Treasurer
    4.5 Youth Coordinator
    4.6 FIDE Representative
    4.7 Director at Large


    4.8 Rating Auditor
    4.9 Publicity Officer
    4.10 Women's Chess Coordinator

    Members should note positions 1-7 make up the CFC Executive, 8-10 are non-Executive Officers of the Federation

    5.1 - 5.7 Elections of the above positions

    5.8 - 5.10 Election of Directors and Officers

    6. Appointment of CFC Committee members: (nominations close at 6pm ET August 23 - day 3, elections for contested positions continue through 6pm ET August 26 - day 7)

    * 6.1 Chess Foundation of Canada Trustees - Four year term:

    * 6.2 Chess Foundation of Canada Trustees - One year term:

    * 6.3 Kalev Pugi Fund Committee:

    * 6.4 National Appeals Committee:

    7. Election of CFC Committee members (see sections 4.1 - 4.11 - in sections 4.1 - 6.4 all positions where an election is being held is marked with *)

    8.Discussion of agenda items and new business

    8A. NEW BUSINESS - DISCUSSION - Qualification Criteria to be an Official Canadian Representative
    8B. NEW BUSINESS - DISCUSSION - Fees for non Qualified Players for WYCC / WCCC

    Voting on all items excluding voting members, Executive and Officers will begin on day 4 (August 23) and continue to the end of the meeting (August 26)

    9. Saskatchewan Chess Federation Rejoining CFC

    10. Bids for 2018/2019 Events

    2019 CYCC and Canadian Open combined bid from Saskatchewan

    10A. 2018 Canadian Junior
    10B. 2019 Canadian Junior

    11. Other Business

    12. Adjournment & Closing Comments by Chair
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    Nominations now being closed I declare the following acclaimed:

    Quebec Voting Members: Bernard Labadie, Richard Berube, Eric Bopala

    President: Vladimir Drkulec
    Vice-President: Ken Craft
    Secretary: Lyle Craver
    Treasurer: Fred McKim
    Youth Coordinator: Undriadi Benggawan
    FIDE Representative: Hal Bond

    The above 6 plus the Director at Large (see thread 7.1) are the National Executive for 2017-18

    Ratings Auditor: Paul Leblanc
    Womens' Coordinator: Pierre Dénommée

    Chess Foundation of Canada Trustees: Hans Jung (4 years), Garland Best (1 year)

    Kalev Pugi Fund Trustees: Felix Dumont, Michael Lo, Undriadi Benggawan

    National Appeals Committee: see thread 7.2

    A very very special thanks to outgoing CFC Executive and Officers who will not be returning - thank you VERY much for your services to chess in Canada!

    To returnees and newcomers - thank you for volunteering your efforts for chess. May you find your service informative and personally fulfilling.

    NOTE THAT THREADS 7.1 (DIRECTOR AT LARGE) and 7.2 (NATIONAL APPEALS COMMITTEE) have been set up - both polls close at 1800 Saturday August 26th
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    7.1 Election of Director at Large: Dutton 23, Dénommée 7 – I declare Mark Dutton elected

    7.2 Election of National Appeals Committee: (in order)

    Bluvshtein 28
    Craver 27
    Zeromskis 27
    Dutton 26
    Mallon 20
    Dénommée 12

    The 2017-2018 National Appeals Committee will be Ilia Bluvshtein, Lyle Craver, Egidijus Zeromskis, Mark Dutton and Chris Mallon.

    Members are reminded the NAC only convenes when there is an appeal to be heard meaning that there have been several years where the NAC did not convene.

    7.3 Affiliation of Saskatchewan Chess Federation – Passed with 31 yes with no votes no or abstaining.

    (Those voting: Anna Rodin Aris Marghetis Bernard Labadie Chris White David Gordon Félix Dumont Fred McKim Hal Bond Halldor P. Palsson Henry Chiu Ian Findlay Ilia Bluvshtein Jason Manley Ken Craft Ken Einarsson Leah Hughey Logan McLeod Lyle Craver Mark S. Dutton, I.A. Michael Barron Michael Lo Nikolay Noritsyn Patrick McDonald Paul Leblanc Pierre Dénommée Richard Bowes Stephen Wright Victor Itkin Vlad Rekhson Vladimir Drkulec Vladimir Semyonov )

    I certify that the required quorum was met in all three polls.

    Lyle Craver
    Secretary, Chess Federation of Canada
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