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Thread: 10.1 Youth Advisory Committee

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    No matter what the final role of the committee will be, the committee certainly has to work closely with the Youth Coordinator. Gary's opinion on this topic will be invaluable and we are looking forward to it.

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    Regarding the CFC youth coordinator - I took up the challenge to provide a better service than the current outgoing CFC youth coordinator. I will try my best. I understand that the role is mostly in helping out CFC in selections and processing the applications of youth to International tournaments like WYCC/NAYCC etc.

    I have always wanted to promote chess to the community and especially to the youth/kids as I believe Chess is a tool to help them grow to be a better person. That is the reason why I set up a community chess club in my living area and it ook up a lot of my personal time for the club already. I have seen so many kids getting interested and absorbing the benefits that chess provides.

    As for youth advisory committee, I am not sure what is the final say as to the role but I definitely want the youth/organizers/parents to be involved and give suggestions as to how we can give ideas to CFC in promoting and helping out the youth. I dont think CFC youth coordinator should be the head of this committee. Let the new CFC youth coordinator ( whoever wins ) to provide a better service to CFC first before even thinking of doing other stuffs. Just my 2 cents

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    The requirement for any member if such committee (advisory or not) to be a member of CFC, is sensible. Do not understand why this is not the view of the majority. In my experience parents get involved to support their kids as impartial as they can. This creates a huge turnover since such parents want to join right away when they kids start playing and drop out the minute their kids lose interest in chess; huge turnover brings no continuity and changes of direction based on how the group feels at some point or the other.

    This is not intended as a negative approach to such a committee. It is simply my observation after a few good years of dealing with parents and their kids!
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    I believe all committee members should have to be CFC members.

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