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Thread: 2008-9 Gl # 1

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    Default 2008-9 Gl # 1

    GL # 1 is now posted on the CFC Website.


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    I have now read GL # 1.

    The progress the Governors ( and new Executive ) have made since the Incoming Governors' AGM on July 22 is impressive to say the least. Don't let up !!

    It seems the CFC is rising from the depths.


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    Default Grassroots' Campaign Response to GL # 1

    An e-mail today from Bob Armstrong, Grassroots' Campaign Coordinator, to the original 20 " Endorsers " of the Grassroots Platform, and other Grassroots' Supporters:

    " Hi to All Grassroots’ Campaign Endorsers/Supporters:

    I have now read 2008-9 GL # 1. I am delighted with the progress generally in the first month of 2008-9. It is significantly better than where things stood at the end of the Incoming Governors’ AGM on July 22.

    It reflects some major positions of the Grassroots’ Campaign. Getting 5 out of 5 is not bad – the Governors are selling the retail business; they are selling the condominium office; they terminated Chess Canada ( print ) - the Governors did that by passing our straw vote motion at the Incoming Governors AGM in July. [ We did not take a position on what should take Chess Canada’s place, though we suggested an enhanced Canadian news website and a new CFC E-Bulletin. The governors are going with an On-line magazine. I would love to have one for the members, but I still feel the CFC finances cannot stand the cost of salary of an editor, and paying for articles. But since the governors seem so supportive of this initiative, I will wait and see what the finances look like after the restructuring, and see if the on-line magazine still contributes to a loss in future. ]; elimination of tournament memberships – straw vote passed at AGM; and new CFC’ers annual membership discount – straw vote passed at AGM.

    In light of this, most of the 9 proposed grassroots follow-up “ binding “ motions I was working on are now no longer necessary ( they reflected the original 7 platform items you initially endorsed/supported – one got split into 2, and one had been added )..

    There are still a few issues outstanding for the Grassroots’ Campaign, and I will be reviewing them. I already have movers/seconders for the 2 follow-up “ binding “ motions on the 2 straw vote motions on membership that got passed at the Incoming Governors’ AGM : Elimination of Tournament Memberships; First time CFC’ers annual membership fee discount of 40%. They are still necessary and I am preparing to send them in. There will be one more motion also associated with membership cost ( annual junior fee reduction – raised by me at the Incoming Governors’ AGM ), depending on my getting a mover/seconder. I am approaching 2 other governors on this. Once I have the third motion in order, I will send in all three together, with a “ commentary “ for each one, as I did last time..

    I think the Grassroots’ Campaign can be justifiably pleased seeing the direction things are now moving in. Our framing of the debate influenced a lot of thinking. Your early support for the whole platform gave the initial campaign momentum, and you have now contributed significantly to where CFC is now headed, and to saving the CFC.

    Thanks for your help on the campaign.

    Bob "

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    Default Tournament Membership Elimination

    Posted on New ChessTalk today:

    Originally Posted by Bob Armstrong
    elimination of tournament memberships – straw vote passed at AGM;

    Hi Bob,

    I'd like some further info on the above motion if you can provide it. I am concerned that without tournament memberships, people who only have the chance for one or two tournaments a year will be charged the full CFC annual membership fee. Could you please clarify that?


    Alex Toolsie

    Posted by me in response:

    Hi Alex:

    Glad to answer your question. Here is the draft proposed motion and commentary which will be sent shortly to the governors for voting:

    Motion # 1 –
    CFC Tournament Membership Elimination –As of January 1, 2009, CFC shall eliminate tournament memberships – if a player wants to play in a CFC tournament, s/he must purchase an annual/life membership.

    Commentary: Chess players must support their national organization by membership and annual membership fee, if they want it to exist. CFC must have sustainable revenue. There is no reason for two classes of members, one subsidizing the other. Community input has asked for numbers of special case exemptions/partial exemptions for annual memberships. This motion makes clear that tournament memberships must go, but this issue can be fine-tuned at the time of implementation if special cases re annual memberships seem warranted.
    Note: this motion, slightly amended, was passed by the Governors as a straw vote at the Incoming Governors’ AGM in July, 2008. Also, the CFC membership fees motion passed at the same Governors’ AGM in July did not eliminate tournament memberships, despite the prior straw vote.

    So the answer to your question is that everyone will have to be an annual/life member. Basically, the CFC needs to be supported by membership and membership fees.

    There is a further motion coming to try to help on this for first time CFC'ers - it is proposed that they get a 40% discount on the first year of their CFC membership.

    Also note that the CFC has now reduced ( as of Jan. 1, 2009 ), the CFC annual adult membership to $ 30 ( from $ 36 ) and the annual junior membership to $ 20 ( from $ 25 ). The Grassroots' Campaign further proposes that if after restructuring, there is a surplus, then consideration should be given by CFC to lowering the annual fee further.

    Hope this clarifies what the Grassroots' is proposing, and what the Governors have already passed as a straw vote motion at the AGM in July


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