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Thread: 5A Discussion Items 2. Bids for Canadian Open, CYCC and NAYCC and other tournaments

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    "For the benefit of Canada we believe that locations like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto (why has TO fallen asleep?), Ottawa, Montréal and Québec City should strongly be encouraged."

    Bernard, agree with you. Once Chess Supersite Corporation will complete its offering we'll start preparing our first tournament, location - one of the most beautiful resorts near Toronto (about 1,5 hours drive). Our site will open in January, will need high level professionals providing French content, such as blog(s), also events (playing Master Challenge, Banter Chess, etc.) Could you help?
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    We have reached the milestone of $12,000 in fundraising for the Windsor bid. Actually it may be a bit higher as I forgot to ask the latest donor (one of our American friends) whether it was in Canadian or U.S. dollars.

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    Transportation links have ALWAYS been critical for major events particularly those held outside major metropolitan areas.

    I remember one AGM held at a Canadian Open tournament where I gave my proxy to
    (1) any BC Governor present failing that
    (2) any BCCF Executive member present failing that
    (3) any Governor present from western Canada

    ... and the president gave my proxy to someone from Thunder Bay as the only "westerner" present. (Which was interesting since my part of proxy instructions were 'vote against any motions moved from the floor by Mr. X' - the Thunder Bay guy - who was known for moving all kinds of motions without much notice most of which I found fatuous though to his credit he executed the proxy faithfully and with integrity)

    Basically any event more than 3 hours from a major transportation hub (Vancouver, Calgary/Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal) is likely to have poorer turnout than it should particularly if it's a short event.

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