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Thread: 3. Election of voting members from Non-Affiliated Provinces / Territories

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    Default 3. Election of voting members from Non-Affiliated Provinces / Territories

    As per the CFC Handbook, if no provincial affiliate exists in a province or territory CFC Voting Members elect someone from that province at the AGM. If no one is nominated from that province the position remains vacant.

    In 2015-2016 that means:
    3A. YT
    3B. SK
    3C. other territories.

    PLEASE check the CFC TD List at to ensure your candidate is a current CFC member before nominating!

    Remember - to be a voting member the nominee must (a) be of legal age, (b) be a current CFC member and (c) normally resident in the province for which he/she is being nominated. There is one available position for each of the above

    3D. QUEBEC - Ratification of FQE nominees for CFC voting member (if no objections are posted to any FQE nomination these will be acclaimed at the end of the nomination period). There are three available positions to be filled for Quebec. The FQE has nominated Richard Bérubé, Bernard Labadie and Felix Dumont.

    Please note that the nomination period ends at the end of day 3 (Tuesday August 11th)
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