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Thread: 1. Incoming VMs - Agenda and Opening Comments by the Chair

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    Default 1. Incoming VMs - Agenda and Opening Comments by the Chair

    Chess Federation of Canada - Annual General Meeting - Incoming Voting Members - 9 - 16 August 2015

    (Note to voting members: all votes open at 9pm ET, all votes and nominations close at 6pm ET, the meeting ends at 10pm ET on August 16th)

    Part 1 - Agenda and Sign-in

    1. Agenda & Opening Comments of Chair
    2. voting member Sign-in

    Part 2 - Election of voting members from Non-Affiliated Provinces / Territories

    3. Election of voting members from Non-Affiliated Provinces/Territories (nominations close on day 3, if elections are required this will take place on days 4-5)

    3A. YT
    3B. QC - Ratification of FQE nominees for CFC voting member (if no objections are posted to any FQE nomination these will be acclaimed at the end of the nomination period)

    Part 3 - Elections of Federation Executive Members, Officers and other positions

    4. Nomination of Candidates for Election (nominations close at 6pm ET August 11 - day 3, elections continue through 6pm ET August 14 - day 6)

    4.1 President
    4.2 Vice-President
    4.3 Secretary
    4.4 Treasurer
    4.5 Youth Coordinator
    4.6 FIDE Representative
    4.7 Women Coordinator
    4.8 Rating Auditor
    4.9 Publicity Officer

    5.A Elections of the above positions

    5.B Election of Directors and Officers

    6. Appointment of CFC Committee members: (nominations close at 6pm ET August 11 - day 3, elections for contested positions continue through 6pm ET August 15 - day 7)

    * 6.1 Chess Foundation of Canada Trustees - Four year term:

    * 6.2 Chess Foundation of Canada Trustees - One year term:

    * 6.3 Kalev Pugi Fund Committee:

    * 6.4 National Appeals Committee:

    7. Election of CFC Committee members (see sections 4.1 - 4.11 - in sections 4.1 - 6.4 all positions where an election is being held is marked with *)

    The above items are now closed - please refer to meeting announcements for details

    8.Discussion of agenda items and new business
    8A Youth Committee

    Voting on all items excluding voting members, Executive and Officers will begin on day 4 (August 12) and continue to the end of the meeting (August 16)

    9. Bids for 2016/2017 Events

    9A 2016 Canadian Open
    9B 2016 CYCC
    9C 2017 Canadian Open/CYCC Bid received from Sault St. Marie
    9D 2016 Canadian Seniors Tournament bid from BC

    9E Any other Bids/Business:

    9F Next Canadian Women's Closed

    10. Other Business

    New Agenda Item for discussion only.

    11. Bids for National Championships 2016/17 and onward

    12. Adjournment & Closing Comments by Chair
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    Just a friendly reminder to all of you especially first-time voting members - that except for special "in camera" agenda items (there are none in the Outgoing or Incoming meetings so far this year) - ALL proceedings are viewable by the general public though you do have to be a voting member to post or to vote.

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    I would like to welcome you to the annual general meeting of the incoming voting members for the Chess Federation of Canada. For some of you this will be your first meeting as a voting member. I welcome you and thank you for your commitment to chess governance and for volunteering to be a voting member. Canadian chess is built on the backs of the volunteers who organize and run the tournaments and clubs and events which give us a reason to have a CFC in the first place. In this meeting we will have elections for the officer and executive positions and various committees.

    The past year has not been without disappointment in that there were no bidders for the Canadian Open despite many attempts to kindle interest. For next year we have received indications of interest from two cities at least one of which will hopefully bear fruit. For the following year - we have received a very strong bid from Sault St. Marie with excellent support from the local government and a very attractive accommodation package which should encourage people to play, especially for those who register early. I think that for 2018 and beyond we should strive to have bids in place for important events two years ahead of time so that we don't find ourselves out of time in the organization of one of our national events.

    There was one discussion item added under new business which is a discussion of the formation of a Youth Committee.

    We have much to discuss and consider for this meeting. Let us begin.
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    Today at 1800 ET is the close of nominations - we have open positions where we've not yet had nominations so PLEASE read the forum announcement for today.

    The official place for nominations is in the various nomination threads - ASAP following 2100 tonight I will be announcing those acclaimed and setting up "Voting Booths" for contested positions.

    Please do not post nominations anywhere other than in the nomination threads as they won't be counted.

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