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Thread: 05. Executive reports

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    Default FIDE Report

    This report deals primarily with upcoming tournaments.

    First though, congratulations to IM David Cummings on his perfect score at the Continental Seniors in Brazil December 2014. His impressive result qualifies David to the 2015 World Seniors and a GM norm!

    Women’s World Championship Tournament
    After struggling to find a home for this tournament in the fall of 2014, FIDE announced recently that the event would take place in Sochi, Russia, from March 16 – April 7. The CFC was extremely fortunate to be able to appoint our representative without having staged our own Zonal. We are pleased to have WIM Yuanling Yuan represent us on the world stage.

    2015 Continental
    This event will take place from May 15-24 in Montevideo, Uruguay. GM Anton Kovalyov and GM Eric Hansen will be representing Canada. This is a welcome change from last year when Canada was not represented at all.

    2015 Canadian Zonal: July 9 - 16
    This event will take place from July 9 (arrival day) to July 16 in Peter Clark Hall at the University of Guelph. In order to accommodate the 2015 AIDEF Championship in Montreal, FIDE America and the CFC Executive have both agreed to a 9 round event instead of 11 rounds as originally proposed. This will also permit the use of FIDE’s time control of 40/90, G/30 +30 seconds per move throughout the game.

    AIDEF Championship : Montreal July 17 – 25.
    Congratulations to FQE President Bernard Labadie and his team on their successful bid for the 2015 AIDEF Championship. AIDEF is the international francophone chess association and this will be the first time for their flagship event in Canada. It will be held in conjunction with the 2015 Quebec Open.

    North American U20: July 26 – 30
    The second annual North American Junior returns to Kitchener as part of the 10th anniversary of the Kitchener Chess Festival. The 9 round event awards a GM and WGM norm to the winners. It is scheduled to take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (formerly the Delta) in downtown Kitchener.

    FIDE Kitchener Masters: July 31 – August 4
    Also as part of the 10th Kitchener Chess Festival, the FIDE Kitchener Masters will follow immediately after the North American U20. FIDE has approved 2 Scheveningen style tournaments which will be valid for GM and IM norms.

    FIDE CMA Futurity: August 8 -14 (dates approximate)
    As part of their 30th birthday celebrations, CMA will be staging a GM norm event in Montreal shortly after the Kitchener Chess Festival. Details of this competition will be released presently.

    FIDE Executive Board: September 1-9
    Abu Dhabi, UAE will host the 86th FIDE Congress. Canada’s FIDE Rep and Arbiters’ Commission Secretary Aris Marghetis plan to be in attendance.

    Respectfully submitted
    Hal Bond
    February 5, 2015

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    Thanks Hal for the report. This summer will be extremely interesting!

    I think 9 rounds for the Zonal will be more than enough, and the new time control is really great news in my opinion.

    Also, a French GM who will participate in the AIDEF Championships was interested in playing in other tournaments in Canada right after. I could put you in touch with him if you are still looking for foreign GMs for the FIDE Kitchener Masters.

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    Thanks Felix - yes, please do invite the French GM to contact me!

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