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Thread: 10a. "THE VOTING BOOTH" - Motion 7A

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    Default 10a. "THE VOTING BOOTH" - Motion 7A

    Be it resolved that the Handbook be amended by adding:

    New Article:
    441. CFC/FIDE/USCF/FQE Rating Adjustments.
    A player who has attained a FIDE, USCF or FQE rating that is 200 or more points higher than his/her CFC rating may request that their CFC rating be adjusted to match their other rating provided that player has played at least 10 games in the other system in the 12 months prior to the request.

    (Note: unless specifically requested I am going to ignore 7B as I believe the amended text answers the objection)

    VOTING MEMBERS - please cast your vote by voting Yes, No or Abstain

    Voting continues through 2100 ET Saturday October 25th.
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    Sorry not voting on the other questions, I missed the timeline allowed.

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