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Thread: 7D. "The Voting Booth" Windsor Bid for 2015 CYCC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vladimir Drkulec View Post
    We can have a discussion on the soon to be renamed governors forum. If you get the motion in about four weeks before the next meeting we will put it on the agenda though perhaps by then we will have lots of things to vote on.

    I have a situation of someone who is newly arrived in the country with two kids that play chess and has become a permanent resident but doesn't have the $500 to enter the two kids in the CYCC. Any support for waiving the CFC portion of the CYCC fee for these two kids? We are not really set up for these last minute situations. There are lots of poor kids out there who can't afford to play in CYCC. The person lives in Montreal I believe and has no job and is living on his savings with no idea how long they need to last.

    If I were to exercise dictatorial powers I would probably let them play at a reduced cost since technically the marginal cost to the CFC of such a decision will be negligible. Any feedback on this idea?
    Vlad. I would be willing to match a % deduction equal to what the organizers do. If they reduce their share 50% - likewise, 100% - likewise. In any event they would not be eligible for the WYCC if they just moved here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egidijus Zeromskis View Post
    Sorry, did not get it. Are the CYCC rules valid as set in the handbook? Do they need to be modified or just confirmed?
    They are no longer our bylaw though they are still our policy. We can make it our bylaw again in the future but I suggest that we start over and arrange everything logically so that there is not a long confusing bylaw where something near the end modifies everything that came before as we have now. Bylaws should really concern themselves with corporate governance and not the details of a particular tournament which changes with every bid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vladimir Drkulec View Post
    I think if after three financially successful CYCC's in Ottawa, Montreal and Windsor we might be able to experiment with a possible financial disaster in 2016. I think we will still have enough in the youth fund to pay for WYCC. I would suggest that to mitigate the chance of disaster the tournament would have to be in Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver on the weekend where the two major provinces' March breaks overlap with a schedule from Friday to Monday so each of the two largest provinces players would miss just one day of school.
    Thank you, Vlad!
    This suggestion make sense.
    Still, I believe, the best dates are from Thursday to Sunday - this will allow at least players from some of the provinces to take advantage of their March break and don't miss a school.

    Hopefully, you could form working Youth Committee, consisting of all mentioned cities (and many others) representatives, which could consider all the details and organize successful CYCC in March 2016 - like it was done in 2011.
    Michael Barron

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