I would like to thank the governors, officers and executive for their participation and voting with regard to the three motions which were under consideration at this meeting. The most pressing motion was the one which directed the executive to make an application to continue the CFC under the new act. The motion passed with a healthy majority of the votes cast (as did the other two motions with regard to having the Pugi trustees award an additional $980 this year and changing the rules surrounding the WYCC official player notifications).

The new NFP act compliance process is not yet completed. We will make an application to the government as soon as is reasonably feasible after our year end (April 30th). We have to put together and verify a list of address and contact information for the present board. Since we used the government's suggested bylaws as a template for our own, I don't anticipate any problems but with governments you never know. It is possible that we may require a special meeting to resolve any issues which arise but at the moment I do not expect this to happen. I will notify the governors of the results of the continuation application as soon as I become aware of it.

If everything goes according to plan the present governors, officers and directors will become Class A voting members upon completion of the special application. Those of you who have not done so please renew your CFC memberships (soon to be Class B memberships) as this is a requirement of being a class A member.

I can confess that I am feeling a great deal of relief as we near the completion of this process as it seemed daunting at the beginning. Our journey is just beginning as we will still have to tie off many loose ends but the vote at this meeting means that we can continue moving forward. I am glad that I will not have to be the president that has to deal with the dissolution of the Chess Federation of Canada. The decisions that we take from here on will ensure that no other president ever has to deal with such an outcome as well.

The meeting is now closed. Thank you all and enjoy this spring day!

Note: the July 2014 Quarterly meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 28th to July 12th, 2014. I will confirm this with the Executive and the governors but pushing it a week later will push it into the CYCC and Canadian Open. I expect to be quite busy at that point in time as a chess coach for the Windsor players, as a player in the Canadian Open and also as a CFC President if the new governors choose me for that honour again.

Vladimir Drkulec
President, Chess Federation of Canada