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I am pleased to announce the Head of Delegation, Assistant Head of Delegation, and official players for the 2014 North American Youth Chess Championship.

Head of Delegation: Victoria Doknjas

Assistant Head of Delegation: Aris Marghetis

Our official players are:

U18 Girls - Regina-Veronicka Kalaydina,
U16 Girls - Rachel Tao
U14 Girls - Janet Peng (interested - has not registered yet)
U12 Girls - Rinna Yu
U10 Girls - Kylie Tan
U08 Girls - Mysha Gilani

U18 Open - David Itkin
U16 Open - John Doknjas
U14 Open - Jeffrey Xu
U12 Open - Rohan Talukdar
U10 Open - Neil Doknjas
U08 Open - Alan Bui

Eligible so far for $300 Canadian bursaries
Allison Tsypin, 2nd under 10 after playoff
An Nguyen, 3rd under 12
Cindy Qiao, tied 2nd under 10 3rd on tie break
Joanne Foote, 2nd in U16 is interested, but has not registered yet
Bursaries are still available to players who finished first and second or third after playoffs in CYCC 2013 and who have not had an opportunity to be the official player at WYCC, NAYCC or Pan Am YCC. At some point a deadline for application will be set so that we can finalize the budget for this event. Bursaries will be paid after NAYCC is completed to qualified players who complete the NAYCC tournament. The timing of the NAYCC tournament is a bit unfortunate as it conflicts with exam schedules. Many players have had to make special arrangements with their schools in order to be able to attend and still complete their exams. Several such requests are still pending. At the moment there are 34 Canadian players registered with a possible two more. I expect that this number will grow as people are able to resolve arrangements with their schools.