I want to welcome the governors and members of the executive to the April Quarterly meeting for 2014. At this meeting we will take the final steps required from the governors which is to approve a special resolution which will direct the executive to apply for a continuation (transition) under the new NFP act. This will complete the governors portion of the task required of us well in advance of the final deadline in October. After this approval the finish line will be in sight and we can actually move on to things that will advance chess in Canada.

Michael Barron and Nikolay Noritsyn have a proposed amendment to the regulations surrounding WYCC procedures for your consideration as well.

We have some significant work ahead of us so lets us begin. Governors are asked to take part in the sign in poll. Which option is selected is of no importance. Voting establishes your presence for purposes of quorum.

Vladimir Drkulec
President, Chess Federation of Canada