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Thread: 11. Results of voting

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    Default 11. Results of voting

    On motion 9A - to approve the President's resolution on transitioning the CFC to the new NFP act:

    YES (12) Bob Armstrong Bob Gillanders Chris Felix Christopher Field Félix Dumont Garvin Nunes Hugh Brodie Ilia Bluvshtein Lyle Craver Mark S. Dutton, I.A. Michael Barron Paul Leblanc
    NO (0)
    ABSTAIN (1) Vladimir Drkulec
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    On motion 9B - to approve the President's resolution on member discipline
    YES 75.00% (9)
    Bindi Cheng, Félix Dumont, Fred McKim, Garland Best, Halldor P. Palsson, Ken Einarsson, Mark S. Dutton, I.A., Michael Barron, Paul Leblanc
    NO 8.33% (1)
    Ken Craft
    ABSTAIN 16.67% (2)
    Bob Armstrong, Vladimir Drkulec

    Both resolutions have passed with the required margins to be included in our submission to the government.

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