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    Welcome to the governors who have convened to once again consider a set of bylaws which will allow us to comply with the new NFP act. This is a somewhat abbreviated meeting compared to our usual quarterly meetings as we will be considering a condensed series of options. We will consider a bylaw which is very similar to the one that we looked at in the last quarterly meeting. There were no strong objections at the last meeting and if there are any in this meeting we will make any changes required to gain consensus and make sense given what we are trying to accomplish. Separately we will look at member discipline using the option which most of you seemed to favour at the last meeting which will allow the voting member to overturn any such decision by a majority vote.

    Two of you have indicated that you are not able to vote in the poll because it takes place on the weekend. I will ask you to email your votes on the measures to Lyle Craver our secretary. We may extend the meeting if necessary to Monday but that will depend on how the meeting progresses. I will be largely unavailable next week after Monday due to the Windsor Chess Challenge so if the meeting does need to be extended it will be over by Monday at the latest.

    We should have financials available to discuss before the end of the meeting but the focus will be on the NFP Act again. Here is to a productive and successful special meeting. I look forward to some useful discussion which will put us well on the path to completion of the requirements for the new NFP act by the end of the April meeting.
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