I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Governors meeting. There were 31 governors who took part including Garvin Nunes to whom I would like to apologize for the mixup with regard to polls closing earlier than was posted in the agenda. Please send Lyle Craver your votes and they will be recorded.

We dealt with two motions. One motion which passed handily was to ensure that when life memberships for the CFC are collected, the corresponding provincial membership was also collected. The second motion which was defeated was a proposal to create a new class of Senior members with a discounted membership fee. We had a policy discussion on the new Canadian Not For Profit Act and made significant progress on a number of questions with regard to our transition into the new act. I am now quite optimistic that we will be able to transition into the new act on a timely basis.

The straw polls indicated that there was support for the basic required bylaws and also support for including discipline of members in the submission to the government and that the governors preferred an override of any discipline imposed by the board (currently called the executive) with a simple majority of the voting members (currently called governors).

I would like to tentatively schedule another meeting to work on achieving governor agreement on compliance with the new NFPA act Monday, February 10th through Sunday February 16th with the possibility of extending the meeting if necessary. The object of the meeting will be to complete the process of obtaining governor approval for the required changes and will involve voting on a number of clauses starting with the basic ones absolutely required in order to comply with the new act. Though only a few people voted in the straw polls it appears that we should be able to agree on these clauses with only minor modifications. If there is a strong objection to these dates we can move it back up to three weeks. With our continued existence riding on a successful outcome I would like to get this process out of the way by the end of the April governors meeting at the very latest.

Between now and the meeting the committee will have some work to do, as will the governors. Please watch the governors forum where I will be posting and asking for feedback on proposed clauses which the governors will be asked to approve at the special February meeting.

Thank you for your patience with this process. I hereby declare this meeting closed and would ask that all threads be closed. I will monitor the governors forum where we can continue the discussion around these and any other issues.