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Thread: 1. January 2014 Quarterly Online Governors Meeting - AGENDA

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    Default 1. January 2014 Quarterly Online Governors Meeting - AGENDA

    Any Governor requesting a change in the agenda is welcome to post explaining his/her request. Please do not make such requests in other threads - except in extraordinary cases, all additions will be under "NEW BUSINESS"

    1. Governors' Online Meeting January 2013 Agenda

    2. Governors' Sign In
    3. President's Welcome
    4. Instructions/Questions/Comments on the On-line Meeting Procedures

    5. Executive Reports

    a. Vice President
    b. FIDE Rep
    c. Secretary
    d. Treasurer
    e. Youth Coordinator (all items not in 5.f)
    f. Youth Coordinator - National Youth Program Report
    g. Past President

    6. Officer + Committee Reports

    a. Public Relations Coordinator
    b. CFC Clubs Administrator
    c. Rating Auditor
    d. CFC Newsletter Committee Report

    7. Motions
    7c. Motion on Life Memberships – Mallon / Zeromskis (full text see below)
    7d. Motion on Senior Memberships - Barron / Armstrong (full text see below)

    8. POLICY DISCUSSION: Compliance with new NFP (Not for Profit) Rules

    9. New Business

    The following items will be available for posting Wednesday, Jan 9th (9:00pm ET)

    10. Voting Booth (Voting Times are: Wednesday, Jan 9th (9:00pm ET) - Saturday, Jan 12th (9:00pm ET)

    11. Suggested Items for Next Quarterly Meeting

    12. Results of Voting (to be posted ASAP following the close of voting)

    13. Concluding Address by President

    Note: the April 2014 Quarterly meeting is tentatively scheduled for Apr 6-13, 2014
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