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Thread: 6. Reports by CFC Officers and Committees

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    Default 6. Reports by CFC Officers and Committees

    Officers and Committee Chairs please post your reports here.

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    Rating Auditor Report. The rating system continues to operate satisfactorily with no sign of inflation or deflation.
    Average rating of all players active in the past 12 months: 1397. This figure has leveled off at around 1400 this year after having risen from 1200 with the introduction of the bonus point system.
    Average rating of all players above 1200 active in the past 12 months: 1733. This figure has barely moved in 4 years.
    Median rating of the top 100 players: 2340. This figure has declined 15 points in the past 18 months but is still quite a bit higher than 4-5 years ago. The small decline is welcome in that it shows a little narrowing of the gap between CFC and FIDE ratings for the top players.
    Paul Leblanc
    Treasurer, Chess Foundation of Canada
    CFC Rating Auditor
    CFC Governor

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    Default Public Relations Coordinator Report: 2013 Governors’ Quarterly Fall Meeting ( Oct. )

    Public Relations Coordinator Report ( Non-Executive Officer ) - Bob Armstrong - 2013 Governors’ Quarterly Fall Meeting ( October )

    Bylaw 3 of the CFC Handbook, under Duties of Officers in Section 8C, gives the mandate of the Public Relations Coordinator position ( created at the 2010 AGM ) as:

    “ 8C. The Public Relations Coordinator will be responsible for promoting the image of the CFC and for promoting chess generally to the public. As such the Public Relations Coordinator will, among other things:

    - deal with mainstream media to promote significant chess news, such as Canadian Chess Champions, a new Canadian GM, major tournaments like the Can. Closed, Canadian Open, Can. Women’s Closed, CYCC, etc., the various benefits accruing from playing chess and other positive aspects of the chess culture. “

    Here is the update on activity since the 2013 Annual Meeting ( July/13 ):

    1. “News” Items ( on the CFC Facebook page, members’ CFC Chess Chat Forum, and Twitter.) – In mid-May/13, the CFC website introduced the new “on-line newsfeed”, replacing the “Latest News” column which the Public Relations Coordinator had been responsible for. But the PRC still remained responsible for the CFC Facebook page, and the members’ CFC Chess Chat Forum (which is fed into the CFC Twitter account). Duplicate posts are made on each. The PRC postings are entirely separate from the website and the new on-line newsfeed, though we are all keeping up on what the other is doing. There is some modest duplication sometimes, but the duplications are significantly different since my posts are just very short news “blurbs”, while the on-line newsfeed coverage of the same item is much more detailed. Since July 1, 40 news item posts have been made. This is an average of more than 3 news posts per week; this is slightly less than the rate for the April - July/13 period (about 4 posts/week).

    2. Press Releases: none issued – there are generally not many chess items that the general mainstream media may consider “news”. So it is not uncommon to have a quarter with no press release. Local organizers/teachers contacting news media re local juniors, or local adults with a significant achievement, get more response.

    4. Media Contacts: none this past 3 months

    5. CFC Facebook Page (Non-Profit Corporation): CFC has continued incremental building of the site - grew from 237 “Likes” for the page on June 11 to 318 on Oct. 6. This is a significant increase in the rate of growth of members – 81 new members or about 6/week. The prior two quarters of the year, the rate was about 4 new “Likes” per week. It seems more Facebooker’s are finding our CFC FB page. The majority of “ Likes “ are not CFC tournament players, and many are not CFC members. We are reaching out in the social media to the non-CFC chess-playing public. We also have some players from other countries as “ Likes “, who now follow Canadian chess.

    6. Discussion Boards: posted numbers of times on the members’ CFC Chess Chat Forum, and the CMA Chesstalk, answering CFC issues raised.

    7. New Media Links: I have been provided by members with media links across the country, and am slowly integrating them into the CFC Media E-mail Groups as time permits.

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    Tournament coordinator report

    Here is the situation concerning the coming tournaments :

    Junior Championship 2014 : We have no bid for the 2014 Canadian Junior. We contacted Larry Bevand to know if he was interested to present a bid, but he declined the invitation. The world junior is September 2014, so the Easter break might be the best time.

    The next Canadian Women Ch. has to be held by June 2014. For the moment no bid. The FQE might be interested to present a bid. The World Ch. is in October 2014.

    The Canadian Closed has to be held by the spring of 2015. The next World Cup is August 2015. Still no bid.

    Canadian Open and CYCC 2015. : The FQE has offered his help to Mr Stirling Dorrance of Halifax to produce a bid from Nova Scotia.

    Richard Bérubé

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