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Thread: Deceased players not on CFC rating list?

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    Default Deceased players not on CFC rating list?

    I was trying to look up the "recent" rating history of the late Ron Rodgers of Ottawa (died 2001). No data when I check on the CFC site. Likewise for the late Michael Schleifer and Bryon Nickoloff. I guess a deceased player is removed from the CFC membership database, but does that also remove them from the ratings database?

    When I check the results of the 2004 Canadian Open (in which Bryon played), it shows "Nickoloff+,Bryon". I can then click on the name and get his results. I assume a "+" after a player's name indicates "deceased" - but it also makes them harder to find in the database, unless you know how to do it.

    I have to enter "Schleifer*" or "Schleifer+" to get Michael's results. I cannot enter just "Schleifer".

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    The '+' after the name of a deceased player was the original approach adopted; however, it was since suggested to Gerry that he remove them and, instead, use a common date of expiration on these players' memberships (e.g. 01/01/2999). For the time being, he has opted against doing so, but you may wish to contact him directly if you feel strongly enough.

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