With the passage of Mallon/Denommee, the full committee will not reconvene; however, Les, as the legal representative on the committee, has indicated a willingness to work on this independently with a view to presenting feedback at the April Quarterly Meeting. 2013-T I) has also passed, leaving the Olympic team captaincies to executive appointment, while 2013-V was seen as uncontentious and was readily adopted.

2013-T II) and III) have both failed, as has 2013-U, so, for the most part, the assembly has chosen to maintain the status quo in relation to Olympic matters.

The vote on further negotiating the chess server contract was tied. I am casting my tiebreaking ballot in the affirmative, as I see no harm in determining whether better terms can be reached.

Another meeting in the books and more on the horizon. Get some sleep and check for Lyle's summary of voting in the morning.