We have another meeting coming up this month. I am estimating it will be the 18th-24th, but stay tuned. This will be used to address the deferred motions, as mentioned in the designated thread below. Unless life-or-death, no other issues are planned to be dealt with at that time.

As for the results of this meeting, Lyle will be releasing the official voting tally in the next hour or so. Unofficially, the NFP Act Committee's report was rejected, the CFC Newsletter Committee's report was adopted, and, after dropping Edward's vote, a tie occurred on the question of the editorship. I chose to consult with the executive regarding the tiebreak (hence, the delay in this address) and it was resolved that an RFP will go out. Edward will be eligible to participate, on equal terms with all other candidates. The exact procedure is yet to be determined, but it will be outlined at the upcoming meeting. My congratulations to Edward on his election as Fundraising Officer earlier in this meeting and my thanks for his tireless work for the betterment of chess in Canada to date.

The major question left unresolved is how we proceed on the NFP Act transition. As mentioned previously, a new committee will present a new report. Volunteers for that committee may now step forward.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.


Michael von Keitz
President, Chess Federation of Canada