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Thread: 9th Montreal International

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    Default 9th Montreal International

    Posted by Richard Berube on the Old Chesstalk on August 23, 2008, 16:54:16

    The 9th Montreal international chess tournament will take place in the headquarters of the Empresa compagny, 304 Notre-Dame est in Montreal (metro Champ-de-Mars).

    Dates : August 24 to september 2 (RR 9 rounds)
    Category : 13
    Participants : GMs Nakamura, Shulman, Akobian, MazÚ, Nataf, Kovalyov, Bluvshtein, Charbonneau and IMs Roussel-Roozmon and Zugic.

    Live games on the site.

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    Default 9th Montreal International

    Note that the rounds for " live games " start at 5:00 PM ( except the last round, which starts at 2:00 pm ).

    Bluvshtein and Charbonneau won their first round games.

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    Default Montreal Int. - Rd. 2

    Can. GM Mark Bluvshtein ( 2548 ) is playing GM Yuri Shulman ( 2623 ) in Rd. 2 ( he is in a three-way tie for first ). At move 31, he is up Q vs R + B + P. Should be an interesting middle game.


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    Default 2008 Montreal Int. - Rd. 2 - Bluvshtein - Shulman - Draw ?

    At move 41, it looks like Shulman's R & B have trapped Bluvshtein's K on the K-side in a perpetual check, and Mark's Q is not in position to help. Though no final result is yet posted , there haven't been any moves for a while. It looks like a draw to me. I'll let you know if it turns out otherwise ( since we patzers are known to fumble the ball from time to time ).


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    Default Montreal Int. - Kovalyov

    In the column for " Federation " , Anton Kovalyov is shown as " Canadian ". But I just checked with the FIDE site, and his federation is still shown as " Argentina ", where he just played in the Argentinian championship.

    The other boards have had messages saying that there were mix-ups in CFC dealing with Anton on changing federation, he had become frustrated, and was not pursuing a transfer of federation to Canada at the present time ( though he and his family now live in Canada ).

    Does anyone have an explanation for this discrepancy in the listing of Anton's federation on the official Montreal International site?


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    Default Who cares.....

    Keving Spraggett has lived in Portugal for 20+ years, yet plays under the Canadian Flag.
    Nothing unsual, look at soccer players....

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    Posted by Stephen Wright on the Old ChessTalk on August 26, 2008, 0:19:13, in reply to "9th Montreal International"

    Why, in the Canadian Open and now in the International, is Kovalyov being referred to as a GM? He may have completed the requirements and the title has been applied for, but according to the FIDE site it has not yet been awarded. This is important in situations where other players are seeking norms and need to meet a certain number of titled players.

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    Default 2008 Montreal Int. - Kovalyov

    Hi Peter:

    Different situation - Kevin has kept his link to the Canadian Federation. You can live anywhere, yet still play for your home country. Here Kovalyov is still attached to his home country, but is wrongly ( I think ) shown as belonging to the Canadian Federation. Why did the organizers do this?


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    Default 2008 Montreal Int. - Kovalyov

    Hi again Peter:

    Note that Hikaru Nakamura, who is now living in Canada, is shown as with the USA Federation, while Kovalyov is shown as Canadian, not Argentina. Why the discrepancy?


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    Default Montreal Int. - Rd. 3 Leaders

    After 3 rounds, GM Hikaru Nakamura ( who now lives in Canada, but still is a member of the USA federation ) and Canadian GM Pascal Charbonneau, 2 time Canadian Champion ( who now lives in USA ), are co-leaders with 2.5 pts..

    Bluvshtein, who had been sharing the lead, lost to Akobian.


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