Our volunteers are tireless and, ultimately, 38/58 governors braved the weather outside to make their virtual presence known. My thanks to all who attended!

The agenda was fairly dense, but we managed to truck on and have a number of new Handbook revisions to incorporate as a result. In particular, we now have a revamped affiliate program on the books, as well as a commitment from the assembly to conduct its business in a public forum (with the door left open to in camera discussions, as appropriate). In relation to the latter, our AGMs will now also continue to be held virtually and voting ledgers will replace the traditional governors' letter format.

As for the newsletter, Edward Porper will continue in his role as editor of CCN on a month-to-month contract. This being the case, volunteers for the CCN review committee are asked to step forward ASAP, as the federation's future vision for our publication should be clarified in as timely a fashion as possible.

In addition, congratulations to Mario Piccinin on his appointment as our new auditor. As a final note, however, be aware of another appeal from Governors Mallon and Craft, which will be conducted between October 11th and 17th. You are respectfully requested to cast your ballot at the appropriate time.

With that, enjoy the holiday Monday.