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Thread: 5d. Treasurer's Report

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred McKim View Post
    I wanted to bring up a problem that seems to be growing in the office. Incomplete tournament reports - it seems more than one organizer across the country feel it's appropriate to submit simply a rating report to the office and expect it to be rated without a reckoning on the CFC fees owing.

    Be advised that it is the responsibility of the tournament organizer to ensure that each participant in the tournament is a CFC member for the duration of the tournament and submit this amount with the rating report. Those that are not may only participate if they pay the organizer the appropriate CFC membership or purchase a tournament playing fee.

    Events will no longer be accepted by repeat offenders. We are not in the business of having our tournament organizers as having accounts payable with us.
    We have been culprits in this, and even "repeat offenders," but we are making every effort to rectify our process, with multiple CFC membership checks, so that non-current members (and even those whose memberships are due to expire before the end of the tournament) are not allowed to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Mallon View Post
    Sounds more like an accidental deletion from the online handbook. I specifically remember there being a rule instituted in the last ten years regarding memberships being needed for national championships.
    I looked into a several years old Handbook compilation.

    There was a paragraph:
    "375. Tournament Playing Fee: A tournament fee for first time players in CFC events, for foreign players, and for players whose name does not appear on the last Annual List, of $10.00 may be paid in lieu of CFC membership. The player will then receive a rating, one copy of the magazine, and an invitation to join the CFC. [see Motion 90-9, as amended, GL, September 1990, p.1-12] At any national Championship, this fee is not permitted as a substitute for CFC membership. [see Motion 2005-14]"
    Later 375 was transformed into
    375. Tournament Playing Fee: Effective May 1st, 2009 the CFC Tournament Fee will be $20 per player per tournament, $4 of which will go to the Provincial Authority. The CFC Tournament Fee for juniors will be $10 per player per tournament, of which $2 will go to the Provincial Authority. {2008/09 GL5 Lavin/Smith}
    The sentence about championships disappeared. Indirectly the old version required the CFC membership for ALL championships.

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    Default membership should be required

    Membership must be required for CYCC.
    I would think that even for provincial championships, membership should be required; prizes, after all, involve expenses to attend CYCC, and are supported by CFC and provincial associations.
    Let's make the handbook agree.

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