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    With final attendance of 37 governors, this meeting has now concluded. Expect to see "11. Summary of Voting" from Lyle any day now.

    In the meantime, the assembly has resolved to see Iulia Lacau-Rodean return in the role of Women's Coordinator, while, based on the results of a straw poll, FEN will have its contract extended to April. A task force will be formed, however, to discuss the prospects of our books and equipment arrangement going forward.

    The budget was ratified as presented, as was the amended FQE-CFC Agreement. Pending the support of the FQE, Marc Poulin will serve as a non-voting Chair of the resulting Trust Fund, with Gordon Ritchie and Rob Clark serving as our CFC Trustees.

    Finally, the proceedings of the October Quarterly Meeting will be made public, where, among other items, the assembly will vote on making the proceedings of all quarterly meetings public. Enjoy your freedom in the interim.
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    Upon appeal, the question of whether there will be a Chair of the Trust and, if so, who will serve, has been left to the Fund's Trustees.

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